{throwback thursday} Giola Lagoon

Giola is a natural rocky pool on Thassos Island, in Greece. We went there a few years back and it was an amazing experience. It is also called the mermaids’ pool. It’s quite deep but the water is emerald green, crystal clear and calm.

It’s not a place for little kids though. The road to get there is long. You travel by car then you have to descend a small mountain by foot. And there is no ladder to get in and out of the pool – you need to climb the rocks. You have to be extra careful. Also, there are no facilities whatsoever. Meaning, no toilets. You need to bring your own water because there are no stores nearby.

And that’s awesome, of course. It’s just good, clean, Greek fun – water, sun and salty sea breeze. Even better, actually – green water in the pool, blue water of the sea, untouched nature all around you and the immensity of the sky.

It is one of our best memories. We would love to go back, but there are other Greek islands waiting for us to explore them.

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