Kitty Ears

My Maya aka Punkie Pie. I bought her the kitty ears when she was 3.

Now she is 9 but she still loves them and still wears them. In public. I love her so much. She is an odd mix of a big baby and independent young woman.

Also, her long, thick, black eyelashes; the first thing I noticed about her when I first saw her. ❤ Lucky little minx, she’ll never need mascara.

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3x mom . mrs . certified introvert . loves coffee, cats, plants, crochet, reading and photography, not necessarily in this order . allergic to ambrosia and rudeness

15 thoughts on “Kitty Ears”

  1. She is a pretty girl! Love those ears! My granddaughter has wolf ears. They were at a water park two weeks ago and she and her baby brother got Wolf Ears but Brody wasn’t too interested in his! This was a lovely share. Thank you for sharing and have a wonderful weekend. HUGS

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  2. omg SUPER CUTE! My little Angelina LOVES cat ear and any kind of ears for that matter. She wears them to school. Today she is wearing her black ears. Super cute and I love them! You should do a series of ear photos. Your daughters are very beautiful and so is your son. You are an amazing mommy. Much love.

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