{free pattern} Kawaii Potato

Happy New Year, y’all! I’m back with this very simple pattern that you can finish in just a couple of hours, IF your kid (or cat) doesn’t constantly bother you with attention demands. ・ ̫・ Because that’s why it takes me forever to make even the smallest thing – I always leave it aside to give the kid (or cat) the attention they need. Having 2 older children, I’ve learnt that time does indeed fly, and the needy kid with sticky fingers will eventually turn into an independent teenager, so I try to soak up these early years as much as I can. – A –

Back to the pattern, it’s best to crochet this potato with a firm yarn, preferably one that’s suitable for amigurumi, so it holds its shape better. And speaking of shape, this is a potato after all, so a nice shaping should be quite easy to achieve. Also, no pressure on where you want to embroider the face. Whatever place you decide, just make sure it’s adorable. I gave this potato to my daughter to offer it as a birthday gift to a friend and apparently it was a hit. Nothing cuter than an object with a face lol.

Kawaii Potato Free Pattern

chain 7
1. inc 2x, sc3, inc, turn, inc 2x, sc3, inc (18)
2. inc 2x, sc6, inc 3x, sc 3, inc (24)
3. inc 2x, sc9, inc 3x, sc9, inc (30)
4. – 12. (9 rows) sc ar (30)
13. inc, sc 4 (36)
14. – 21. sc ar (36)
22. dec, sc4 (30)
23. sc3, dec (24)
24. dec, sc2 (18)
25. sc, dec (12)
26. dec ar (6) FO.

If you decide to make one too, please link my blog or my Instagram (links in About page). Thank you and happy crocheting!

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