{Free Pattern} Pretty Snowstar

This is one of my favoured snowstars because it’s so pretty and lacy and sweet. 🙂 It is very easy to make and fast too. It looks best when made with good yarn. Natural and organic yarns are pricey unfortunately, but they are also more quality. For these stars I used Concept – Cotton Cashmere and Tencel-Merino yarn by Katia.

Pretty Snowstar Pattern


The pattern is written in US terminology. You will need yarn, crochet hook suitable for your yarn choice, a larger needle to weave in the ends and some fancy thread or ribbon to use as hanger. Some people like to stiffen the ornaments. See Google for stiffening suggestions – this is something I haven’t done yet.

Stitches and abbreviations

– MR = magic ring
– st = stitch
– sl st = slip stitch
– ch = chain
– sc = single crochet
– dc = double crochet
– hdc = half double crochet
– picot (ch 3, sl st in 3rd ch from hook – his is the simpler version. The other version is to ch 3, yo and then sl st in 3rd ch from hook through all loops.)


Make a magic ring
1. ch3 (counts as first dc), dc, ch 2, *2 dc, ch2* 5 more times, end with sl st in top of ch3 (12
dc, 6 ch2 spaces).
2. sl st in next dc, sl st in next ch2 space, (2 dc, ch2, 2 dc) in same space, ch1, skip next 2 dc, *(2 dc, ch2, 2 dc) in next ch2 space, ch1, skip next 2 dc, repeat from the star until end. Sl st on top of first dc made in this round.
3. ch1 (counts as a sc), hdc in next dc, (2 dc, picot, 2 dc) in next ch2 space, hdc in next dc, sc in next dc, sl st in next ch1 space, *sc in next dc, hdc in next dc, (2 dc, picot, 2 dc) in next ch2 space, hdc in next dc, sc in next dc, sl st in next ch1 space, repeat from the star 5 more times, end with a sl st in the
starting ch1.

Cut yarn, weave in ends, stiffen if desired and attach a ribbon or something of your choice in between two of the star’s corners or on top of a corner. I am going to hang mine in a white tree, so I used pieces of this fuzzy yarn as a hanger.

That’s it. Happy crocheting! ❤

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Hello, September

I started September with some Christmas projects. I always wanted a white tree full of crocheted ornaments but never did something about it until now. Thank you, Joanna, from Wishes in the Rain for providing the patterns and tutorials.

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