Hello, November

Last year fall photos, because so far, this November sucks. :c
I’ve got a lemon tree and it has flowers! Finger crossed!! ^_^
My son loves bugs, even stinky bugs. He rode these two in his toy cars.
Felix’s opinion of your opinion. Kidding, Felix’s not a jerk. Usually.

I’m participating in Friendly Fill-Ins blog hop by Ellen of 15andmeowing and Lorianne of Four-Legged Furballs.

1. I like being home alone, but it never happens. Never.
2. I don’t want to do chores, but I have to. (Instead, I wanna crochet all day long)
3. I’m counting down the days until school break, although…
4. …although school break is a lot like normal school days for me. *rolls eyes*

Another Day, Another Cat

We always find a new kitty in our walks around the neighbourhood. This one was too friendly for her own good. I was worried, she was too trusting. Unfortunately, my fears came true. A neighbour told me this kitty was killed by a car just a day later. I didn’t have the heart to tell the kids, they were so happy to meet her and so hopeful to meet her again… This is why I keep my cats indoors only. At least we have these photos to remember this beautiful day and the love and joy this kitty gave us so willingly. ❤


Toamna este un anotimp al extremelor. Dimineața îți îngheață nasul și degetele când ieși din casă dar la mijlocul zilei mori de cald. La soare parcă ești într-un cuptor dar la umbră e prea răcoare. Când e soare e prea lumină, când e noros parcă e noaptea. Și pe-afară e o învălmășeală de chestii, unele pufoase, altele rugoase și scârțâitoare. Dar e fain toamna, găsești o grămadă de lucruri interesante de fotografiat. Timp să ai. Și nu care cumva să zică cineva că “timpul ți-l faci singur” că de multe ori nu-i deloc așa, na. #mămicăocupată Din fericire, din când în când reușesc să-mi fac timp să-mi hrănesc latura artistică. Bucurați-vă de poze și urmați-mi exemplul. Ieșiți afară, fotografiați frumusețea toamnei. Asta dacă nu suferiți de alergii.

Autumn is a season of the extremes. You freeze in the morning but it’s too hot in the middle of the day. It’s too hot in the sun but too cold in the shadows. When it’s sunny it’s too bright, when it’s cloudy it’s too dark. And there are a lot of messy things outside, some fluffy, some harsh and crunchy. Fall is nice, though, because there are a lot of interesting things to photograph. The only issue is time. And don’t even begin to tell me that “you make your own time” because most of the time it’s not true. #busymom Luckily, from time to time I find a way to feed my artistic side. Enjoy the pics and follow my example. Go outside, capture some fall goodness. Unless you’re allergic.

Red, Orange and Yellow

October is here. The weather is beautiful now and there are lots of nice things outside to photograph. I just wish I could stay outside more but there are not enough hours in a day.

I am participating in Friendly Fill-Ins hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15 and Meowing. 😊 Here are my fill-ins:

1 – My favorite font is Thinfont-Thin, among others. I like simple, airy fonts, but I also enjoy cursive ones.
2 – October is perfect for taking pictures and capturing the fall splendor. The sun has a special golden glow in October.
3 – Where I live is nice, but I can’t wait to move into our new house in a brand new neighbourhood. 😁
4 – I feel very stressed this time of year. Because I’m a mom of 3 kids. School starts in fall, wich means flu season starts too. This is why I often miss the fall goodness.

Hello, September

I started September with some Christmas projects. I always wanted a white tree full of crocheted ornaments but never did something about it until now. Thank you, Joanna, from Wishes in the Rain for providing the patterns and tutorials.

Aaand, I can’t get We Belong by Pat Benatar out of my head. Thanks a lot, Deadpool 2 Movie. Same thing happened to me at the previous Deadpool movie, with Angel of the Morning by Juice Newton. 😀 Here, you should listen to it as well, it is a masterpiece, after all. They don’t do music like this anymore.

I am also participating in Friendly Fill-Ins, hosted by Four-Legged Furballs and 15 and Meowing:

1. Being kind is important.

2. If stress were worth money, then I would be rich. I tend to worry easily. 😅

3. I am proud of my children. Seriously, they are such good kids and I am not just saying it because I’m their mom.

4. If I could time travel, I would visit the year… I don’t know, haha. There is so much I would like to see. Perhaps dinosaurs?… 😁