Up Close

Quality macro photography is quite hard to achieve without a tripod. It’s so hard to stay crouched in the grass and keeping the camera still at the same time. I could have done better. I did a little better when I photographed the butterflies, it was raining lightly, the air was fresh, it was overcast but there was still enough light. But I failed to shoot a decent photo of the bug with long antennae because it was sunny and hot outside and the sun and I aren’t best buddies.

Flowers, Bugs and Ducks

Surprisingly, the ducks posed for me. I thought they would freak out but they were curious. Ducks are so funny, by the way. They walk funny and talk funny and have a very high level of adorableness. Even higher than the chickens, I dare to say. While the chickens look like they’re always grumpy, ducks smile like all the time.