Another Day, Another Cat

We always find a new kitty in our walks around the neighbourhood. This one was too friendly for her own good. I was worried, she was too trusting. Unfortunately, my fears came true. A neighbour told me this kitty was killed by a car just a day later. I didn’t have the heart to tell the kids, they were so happy to meet her and so hopeful to meet her again… This is why I keed my cats indoors only. At least we have these photos to remember this beautiful day and the love and joy this kitty gave us so willingly. ❤

Kitty Ears

My Maya aka Punkie Pie. I bought her the kitty ears when she was 3.

Now she is 9 but she still loves them and still wears them. In public. I love her so much. She is an odd mix of a big baby and independent young woman.

Also, her long, thick, black eyelashes; the first thing I noticed about her when I first saw her. ❤ Lucky little minx, she’ll never need mascara.

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